Apple Podcasts doesn’t consider certain platforms to be featured in their “Society & Culture” section; even when they’re just as successful and life-changing as other podcasts. But when you find a good podcast, you get referred to a related one.  In a world full of sexuality, relationships, and a culture full of opinions and issues, the news will only let you hear so much; these podcasts let it all out. So if you need a real update on what’s going on in the world, check out my top ten sex and culture podcasts for 2019; there’s no order, just overall top ten. These are my personal choices and I listen to them every week without skipping a beat. Don’t say I never expose a new world of listening.


So Shameless Podcast

So Shameless

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Hosted by Brooklyn originals @TahoeTV and his two co-hosts, @DajahBelle & @DJTraumaNYC, So Shameless Podcast discusses today’s current views of relationships, dating, media, culture, sexuality, friendships, life issues, finance, and much more. With this podcast, you will hear some raunchy shameless opinions with a side of truth. Did I mention the host is a little freaky?


Cocktales: Dirty Discussions


Social Media: Cocktales Podcast

These two ladies have put me on game! If you’re in Atlanta and trying to understand how to maneuver through this pool of fakers and makers and the underground lifestyles, you need to listen to this podcast. Hosted by Kiki Said So and Medinah Monroe, the Cocktales: Dirty Discussions podcast brings the uncensored views of two current single ladies and stories on sexuality, toys, their sex and dating lives, and these Atlanta streets. You’ll need a drink for this pod; they’ll even give you an ingredient.


Inner Hoe Uprising

Inner Hoe

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This was one of my very first podcasts I listened to when I discovered the Apple Podcasts app on my phone. The Inner Hoe Uprising is a funny and educational podcast about sex, love, and dating. Hosted by Sam, and her three rotating co-hoes, Rob, Akua, and Rebecca, these 20-something hoes are exploring sexuality and fluidity and are happy to tell us the ups and downs in NYC.


Sex With Strangers: A Grown Folks Podcast

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Don’t let the title of this podcast fool you. No one is having sex with strangers. The grown folks’ podcast is hosted by Philly citizens Cii Marqui, Jackson, and Juice. They’re just calling their listeners’ strangers because they’re talking about sex, dating, family, the culture, and relationships. Interesting, right? These three black millennials are bringing their talks of sex, relationships, culture and a live comedy show at the same time. There has never been when I listened to this podcast and didn’t laugh.


The Clubhouse with Mouse Jones

The clubHouse with Mouse Jones

Social Media: The ClubHouse

When I’m looking for the male perspective and pure entertainment, I come straight to this content of foolery. If you are looking for pure ignorance, this podcast is for you. The infamous Mouse Jones hosts The ClubHouse with his co-host Reek. These two guys discuss politics, sex, relationships, African American culture, and much more in the rudest ways. Yes, it’s definitely on my top 10.  


Whoreible Decisions

Whoreible Decisions

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What’s the world like without a couple of work professional hoes? Well, it wouldn’t be interesting without Mandy and Weezy. These two co-hoes are ripping the ears of NYC and will even include some of their own sex pegging and lesbian stories in their episodes. Whoreible Decisions is one of the rawest podcast you’ll ever hear. You WILL learn a couple of things from these hoes.


The Friend Zone

Friend Zone

Social Media: Twitter

Zen culture. Period. The Friend Zone podcast is giving life, calm, and truth about the culture all in one podcast. Hosted by HeyFranHey, Assanté, and Dustin Ross, this podcast explores self-care, pop culture, and mental advice for their readers. This podcast always keeps me updated.


Shit I’m 30 with Carla Wilmaris


Social Media: Shit I’m 30!

I will refuse to go a week without my “Shit Talk!” portion with this podcast. Created by the opinionated, educated, sassy Carla Wilmaris, the Shit I’m 30! Podcast was created for people who’ve realized that time flies by and you aren’t where you thought you’d be at your age! Carla knocks down all judgment and social norm goals with this podcast as she talks about culture, politics, family, and much more while including her friends along for the ride.


Angela Lee’s Lip Service


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During my #WildFridays while in the office, Angela’s Yee’s Lip Service Podcast doesn’t make things better. Hosted by radio personality, Angela Yee and her co-hosts Stephanie Santiago, Gigi Miguire, and Lore’l, the Lip Service Podcast brings provocative discussions from the top celebrities to our listening ears. It’s nothing like the radio.  


Oprah Rose Podcast

Oprah Rose

Social Media: Instagram

With a mix of Oprah and Amber Rose, you get this classy, sexual liberating podcast with a few other things in between. Hosted by Gena and Tiara, The Oprah Rose Podcast is becoming one of my favorite podcast when I feel like being successful and free at the same time. In fact, this podcast recently made the “Top 200 Podcasts” charts. No excuses to check them out now.


Do you know any risky and culture-focused podcasts that we should listen to? Comment below and tell us your favorite podcasts!

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